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From Our Hearts to Yours

From Our Hearts to Yours

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When the author's husband died suddenly, she was devastated.

She didn't so much want to die - she just didn't want to live. The simple act of breathing is all that kept her here. She existed.

So, how do you deal with the seeming finality of death? How do you manage through grief, loss or bereavement? What self-help can ease the passage of time as you navigate the physical, mental and emotional pain of grief?

The author's journey through the grief of losing her husband after 37 years together was horrendous, but out of her pain and suffering came a deeper understanding of death and an appreciation of life.

She discovered her husband didn't truly leave her, and this knowledge cleared a space so she could find peace under all the pain. Although her senses can't experience his presence now, she feels his presence with and within her.

This book shares their experiences after her husband left this world. It is their journey through grief together and his experience of dying and 'being dead'.
Her husband guided her experiences and words so this book could be in your hands.

It is a story from their hearts to yours.

They hope that in sharing their story, you too will find peace in the realisation that the connection with your loved one can never be severed.

You are not alone... because love never dies.

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